Care home employees are feeling the pressure like never before. With demands for a high-quality service and growing numbers of residents with various needs being more prevalent than ever, technology is stepping in to help support care home employees and allow them to provide their charges with exceptional care.

Wearable technology doesn’t just help safeguard the health and well-being of residents. It can also help give much-needed support to employees who are the lifeblood of any good care setting.

GPS Trackers

Wearable GPS trackers for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia are fast becoming a must-have piece of technology in a modern care setting. Although care staff are trained to be incredibly careful and ensure that their residents are safe and secure, there are instances where their charges can become confused about their surroundings and find themselves in areas where they perhaps shouldn’t be.

A GPS tracker attaches to the clothing or wrist of the resident and allows care home staff to locate them quickly and easily using a mobile phone app, tablet or computer. Many of these wearable trackers have a battery life of over 30 days, making them an ideal choice in busy homes.

Once located, the resident can be guided back to their room or communal area with minimum fuss so as not to alarm them or any of the other residents.

Alarm Pendants

For those who are a little more independent, a wearable alarm pendant gives them the confidence to carry out basic tasks themselves such as washing and dressing safe in the knowledge that should they fall or feel unwell they can alert a member of the care home staff to come to their aid using a simple button in the centre of the pendant.

Pressing the button sounds an alarm that alerts staff, meaning that they can respond quickly should a situation occur.

Health monitors

Similar to fitness trackers, there is now a wide range of health trackers specifically designed to monitor the blood pressure and heart rate of care home residents. These trackers sound an audible alarm if the monitor detects a drop or increase outside of a safe range.

This is an incredibly useful piece of wearable technology for care home employees that may be busy assisting other residents and not immediately likely to notice a problem.

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