Statistics have confirmed that we’re living longer than ever before, but with an ageing population comes a bigger strain on care homes and care home staff who are overwhelmed by an increased number of residents.

With no signs of things changing in the next few decades, care homes are under significant pressure to continue to offer the best quality care possible despite the numbers of people they are responsible for rising steadily year-on-year.

The increased demand for care home services is set to almost double in the next twenty years, therefore, care homes will need to look at opportunities to increase capacity without allowing care standards to slip.

However, with the care industry failing to attract the number of qualified and experienced employees it has enjoyed in previous years due to increased workloads and stagnant pay rates, care home managers are going to have to work even harder to accommodate this increase in demand without it having a detrimental effect on service levels.

The care industry is already making some positive changes to bridge the gap, some of which you may have already seen in a care setting. Read on for an overview of how technology can help you tackle this issue within your own organisation:

Practical and reliable support

Care staff are increasingly benefitting from the roles new technologies are playing in helping them to better manage their increased workloads. From humanoid robots that can keep residents entertained, assess mood and give employee’s medication reminders to robotic lifting technology and wearable health monitors, care staff are beginning to reap the benefits of new care technology.

Although these new technologies are in no way supposed to replace the human touch and one-to-one time staff spend with their charges, these technologies are able to carry out basic tasks and therefore free up time for other duties.

Recruitment for the digital age

Attracting, engaging and securing the highest quality care staff has become a real battle for care home managers. With such an increase in demand, many care settings have had to go the extra mile to bring in new employees and tempt them away from local competitors.

The standard recruitment process has also been seen as a barrier to engaging the best employees, as many suitable candidates work shifts and are unavailable for interviews during work hours, may currently live in another area or simply do not have the time to come in and attend a standard interview.

Add in the stringent legislation that all care homes must adhere to when recruiting and it should come as no surprise that recruiting care home staff is typically an expensive and time-consuming affair with no guarantee of success.

Novacare offers a streamlined cloud-based recruitment solution built by health professionals, for health professionals to make the process simple, stress-free and far more cost-effective than ever before.

Not only can you instantly access the system and check responses to your recruitment campaign 24/7 from anywhere in the world, but your data and that of your applicants is 100% secure and in compliance with current UK legislation.

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