Training for care home staff is critical. For those responsible for the care and well-being of dozens of residents with varying care needs, it’s essential that all staff are provided with high quality, relevant and regular training.

However, taking staff away from their duties for a day-long training workshop isn’t often an option as the needs of residents won’t just suddenly disappear because you’ve identified a training need or wish to upskill your team.

With this in mind, there have been several technological advancements to help better manage training in care home environments and help HR managers overcome the challenges they face when assigning time for staff training.


Although e-learning technology has been around for several years, only recently has the care industry started to tap into its potential as a cost and time effective solution to care home staff training.

From compulsory training to specialist training modules designed to support the continued professional development of staff, e-learning can be carried out anywhere where a good internet connection is available meaning that you don’t need to gather together several employees to sit in on a lecture or practical workshop and leave your charges to their own devices.

From patient handling to dementia awareness, there are a multitude of courses to choose from dependant upon the individuals specific training needs which can be undertaken at a time and place to suit both the employer and employee.

Another key element with e-Learning is that the data analytics and reporting functions can help HR managers identify training needs for their individual staff members without having to recall training gaps or refresher courses needed for several team members.

Virtual Reality Training

One of the most significant breakthroughs in care training is the adoption of virtual reality training. Having the ability to use an interactive engaging and educational tool that offers real-life scenarios to enhance learning by doing has been welcomed by care providers around the world and will hopefully soon be another popular learning platform to help assess employee competencies and identify skills gaps.

Employees will be able to experience potentially dangerous situations or improve their skills in technical care areas without risk to residents or themselves with 360-degree and highly interactive experiences rather than 2D and passive viewing using virtual reality technology, making it a safe and enjoyable solution to staff training.

Although a relatively new educational and training tool for the care industry, virtual reality training applications are expected to become an essential part of all staff training and development strategies in the future and will ultimately help care home managers to provide their teams with the best possible learning and training.

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