Recent changes to data protection and the introduction of the new GDPR legislation are causing significant difficulties for care home managers throughout the UK who are struggling to adhere to their new obligations when it comes to the data safety of their staff.

The care industry is currently overwhelmed with increased workloads due to the demand for good quality care and is also finding it a challenge to source and secure the best staff for vacant positions.

With the day-to-day care of residents the highest priority, adhering to the new GDPR legislation is falling by the wayside as care home managers struggle to balance essential tasks with the new rules.

From CVs from care professionals left in plain sight on desks to the inability to recall previous applicant data and remove it from their systems at the request of the applicant, care home managers are at serious risk of falling foul of fines should they be unable to prove that they are able to keep up with the demands of the new legislation.

Novacare, creator of a cloud-based recruitment tool, can help care home managers comply with the GDPR and streamline their staff recruitment processes thanks to an innovative piece of software that’s changing the way that care homes source, recruit and safeguard the data of their staff and job applicants.

The software is accessible 24/7 and allows all personal data collected during the recruitment process to be saved on one safe and secure cloud-based piece of software so that employee and candidate records are gathered and stored in line with GDPR regulations.

Stephen Wilson, Director of Novacare said “Security of personal data is one of our fundamental objectives and we are proud to have achieved ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to information security. Our processes and internal operations have been audited and certified compliant with the latest security standards worldwide which helps care homes comply with their Data Protection (GDPR) obligations.”

About novacare | recruit

Novacare | recruit is a cloud based recruitment tool that allows users to track the status of applications 24/7 and also helps to streamline the recruitment process. It is the first recruitment software specifically designed for the care sector.

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