What Workforce can do for you

Built for compliance

From start to finish, the recruitment process is built around guidance from regulatory bodies to ensure compliance and best practice.


Send automatic invites and reminders for interviews, reference requests, job offers and rejection letters.

Real-time monitoring

Simple, up-to-date tracking at your fingertips. All the information you need in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Reporting and improving

Improve recruitment with key insights, meaning you can pick the approaches with best returns, saving you time and money, and making you the employer of choice for the best candidates.

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24/7 real-time access

Whether you’re using a phone, tablet or computer, you can see real-time updates from anywhere in the world all day, every day.

Customisable workflow

Build your recruitment flow around a process that works for you.

Audit trail

Keeping your recruitment process compliant with local authorities, regulatory bodies and GDPR regulations.

User roles

Assign roles and permissions across individuals and teams.

Equality management

Easily measure equal opportunities at a glance.

Document validation

Validate the authenticity of a candidate’s documents at the click of a button.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Your data is encrypted and securely stored in the cloud with Advanced Password Protection.


Quickly analyse business-critical numbers to discover where improvements can be made.

Immediate monitoring

Your simple and easy-to-use dashboard shows you the stage of every applicant at a glance and their progress from start to finish.

Team calendar

Easily check dates and times of interviews to help plan your workload.

Document expiry

Get notified when an employee’s certificates, qualifications or documents expire.

Instant notifications

Never miss a thing with instant alerts and notifications.

Vacancy Manager

Build your recruitment flow around a process that works for you with a customisable workflow and launch and manage all your recruitment campaigns in one central place.

Human Resources

Take the stress and hassle away from managing your employees and improving staff retention, securely storing and managing the records of all your employees in one central location.

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